The products in this category are those that were made specifically for babies, children, teens and with all youth in mind. We all need to be nutured and to expereience the feeling of tasting, wearing or using a handmade item!  Sharing the best with the youth is so very rewarding.

For the Youth  There are 10 products.


Healthy Happy Baby

Our line dedicated to babies.  The innocence, the information that they share with us, it is something so special that every inch of their being deserves to annointed with only the purest ingredients.


Cover your youth in something unique, something that shows their personality, favorite colors and allow them to express themselves in something made just for them.

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Perfect for winter but great for anytime of the year Toasti-Toes are just what you need to keep...

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Giving your thirsty hair/locs just what it wants with our Whipped Hair Kreme/Loc Jam, moisture and

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