last updated on 3/14/2014

Below is a simple list of the fruit that are available for the current season.  The fruit we use in our creations are 100% organic and NON GMO.  Most of our blends were created to satisfy my sweeth tooth and my love of variety sweet and musky or bold and woody scents however some we created accidentally.  In any case we urge you to create your own unique blend by selecting from our list of seaonally available however if you already have a favorite or are looking for a new one, look to our fruit list to customize your co-creating experience!

While browsing and deciding on which products you want you may stumble across this image  in either the product option and/or product description.  When you see it, then it means you have options! Select the option "Customize It!" and then in the box below labeled "Product Customization" add the details as to what you want to blend.  The options specific to that product will appear in the drop downs, they are there so that you can see what is available to you.  When you are ready, type in the colors, hue/tone you want to achieve, scent preferences or likeness of a scent you are trying to achieve, etc.  Feel free to go into detail as it will help me to create that personally unique creation you deserve. 

ORG Strawberries
ORG Apples
ORG Pears
ORG Blueberries
ORG Raspberries
ORG Banana
ORG Mango
ORG Plum
ORG Pineapple
ORG Kiwi Fruit