MyCoCreations Business Opportunities 

The whole idea behind MyCoCreations is giving each of us the opportunity to experience the difference that exists when using products that are 100% natural and organic.  While the goal is to share, we also provide a unique option whereby we allow you to customize/personalize and co-create you own products through the process of allowing you to select ingredients, colors, scents etc.  The majority of our products are created at the time the customer purchases as we aim to provide the freshest product so that the consumer obtains all the health benefits that the ingredients provide.

With that being said we also offer a few opportunities for those of us that want to start a business or add to existing products but don't necessarily have the time or innerstanding on how to create the products.  The various options we offer are as follows:

1) Reseller - When you sign up to become a reseller you are guaranteed a discount of 10% off the total purchase price with a minimum of 10 of each product requirement.  If the purchase is 30 of a single item the discount increases.  The labels on each product will be designed to represent the brand MyCoCreations however it will contain a notation that the item is associated with a RESELLER.

2) Private label - When you sign up to become a private label vendor you are guaranteed a discount higher than that of the reseller.  The discount is taken off the total purchase price with a minimum of 20 of each product requirement.  If the purchase is 50 of a single item the discount increases. This option provides the creation of the product only.  There are two options here as well:
    1) I purchase the bottles, create and fill each on each, returning the pre-filled bottles back to the private label vendor.  The bottles will not contain any labels we only ask that you print "Manufactured by MyCoCreations" on the label you print.
    2)  The private label vendor purchases the bottles and ships them to our location.  We create the product, fill and ship back to you.  These bottles will not contain a label
    3) We are willing to work with each private label vendor to figure out what is the best process for them and will work to accommodate them.

3) Wholesale - When you sign up to be a wholesale vendor you will receive a discount bracket that is greater than both the reseller and private label vendor discounts.

    1) Standard - While you receive all the benefits associated with this vendor option we ship the bulk order directly to you, the vendor and you handle shipping to the customer
    2) Drop shipping - We offer the ability to drop ship, ship to the customer on your behalf.
        In order for this option to work we will have to setup certain guidelines and processes to make sure that the order is shipped to the customer in a timely manner

This is certainly a lot of information, options and choices, so if you have any questions, want to clarify or just discuss then we can certainly setup a conference call.  Feel free to email us at