MyCoCreations Business Opportunities

Resellers Program 

The MyCo Resellers program was created to help quality products reach homes that may not have heard about us or had a chance to try our products.  At the same time we are assisting people who want to expand their product offerings or start a business selling natural products without having to create them.



With our resellers program, you purchase a  minimum of 10 - 30 of a single product at a time and you will receive a discount of 10% OFF the total order.  If you purchase more than 30 at a time, the discount increases to 13% OFF the total order. 

After you sign up there, you will need to create an account on our website and then we will set your account status to reflect that you are a reseller.  From that point on  you can make your purchases, with discount at your convenience.  

We also do private label whereby you print your own labels and we just supply the product.  If you want more info on that program please contact us at


You place an order for 10 of a product and you will receive a discount, you then take those items, set the price accordingly and re-sell them.   Two things happen, you profit (the more you purchase the more of a discount you receive, therefore more profit) but this way everyone has the opportunity to start somewhere and in addition you help to share great products to those that may never had the chance to experience them. 

If however you want to sell the products as your own, with your logo and label on them then that would be private label, which we offer as well but different pricing levels are associated with that option.



  1. Sign up for a resellers account
  2. Create an account on our website and then we will upgrade your account status to reflect that you are a reseller.
  3. That's it!  You're ready to start your business.  Simply login to your resellers account, add a quantity in increments of 10 to the cart for each product that you want to sell and watch the savings take affect immediately as the discount will be reflected in your cart.