Eco Naps - Reusable Cloth Pads/Sanitary Napkins

Eco Naps are a natural and reusable alternative to traditional sanitary napkins/pads.


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If you are looking for a natural way to care for your body during your menstrual cycle, look no further!  Eco Naps are a natural and reusable cloth pad, a great alternative to traditional chemical filled sanitary napkins/pads.    Made with eco friendly cotton fabric these pads are soft and do not aggravate your sensitive parts, save you a lot of money and last for years.  We use darker colored fabrics which help to mask stains that will occur with regular use.

We recommend wearing boy short, bikini and hipster type of underwear as our Eco Naps snap into place with plastic snaps and they need enough fabric to grasp onto so that they do not shift around and stay in place.


It is proved that most disposable pads are filled with a chemical concoction which "leeches" blood out of our bodies during our moontime (your period or menstrual cycle).  This causes our cycle to last longer than it normally would and throws off your natural cycle.  If given the choice, would you hold a napkin that had been drenched in bleach and a lot of other chemicals on your lips for hours at a time???  Of course not.  I mean the chemicals would get on your lips and likely into your mouth very easily, not to mention they will be absorbed into your body through your skin.  Keep that visual in mind but swap your lips for your vagina.  Yes, the same thing will occur!  Who wants chemicals held tight again your most sensitive parts of their bodies? 

Fibroids are just of one the ways your body is making you aware something is not right.  Unfortunately many are not aware that fibroids are the reason for extremely painful, heavy and sometimes excess amounts of blood loss. Let me just say when I started using natural reusable Eco Naps instead of the disposable store brand pads, I went from 7 days of heavy bleeding and extremely painful cramping to 1-day medium flow, 2 days light with little to no cramping!  I know that between my healthier eating habits and my replacing my pads with a natural alternative, helped me to restore my body back to its natural balance.

This package contains the following:

1) Light flow (panty liner) 7" in length

1) Medium flow 7" in length

1) Heavy flow 8" in length (these are a little longer and are generally used for night time protection) 



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Eco Naps - Reusable Cloth Pads/Sanitary Napkins

Eco Naps - Reusable Cloth Pads/Sanitary Napkins

Eco Naps are a natural and reusable alternative to traditional sanitary napkins/pads.